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As an advertising or media sales professional, you’ll be working for a firm in the media industry such as a newspaper, TV station or online journals and reaching out to businesses across all industries to sell them air time or advertising space. Your clients could be anyone from individuals to large corporations. You will explain how specific types of advertising will help promote the client's products or services most effectively as opposed to another form or competitor.

As a sales professional in this space you will need to understand the market that your client operates in and who their target audience is i.e. who they are trying to engage with by advertising. You will then work with your clients to provide tailored solutions to help them market and grow their business.

This is a very exciting space as you have excellent exposure to a number of different industries and will be engaging with senior decision makers in these firms on a daily basis. You could be speaking with professionals in a number of different sectors such as Financial Services, Commerce and Industry.  

As a graduate in advertising sales you will have the opportunity to progress quickly and take ownership of your career. You will be rewarded with the hard work you put into these roles with graduate salaries, bonus/commission schemes as well as various company benefits. If successful you will see quick opportunities for progression and management responsibilities.

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