Technology is already a multi-trillion pound industry and it is only getting bigger. With Technology being absolutely central to the operation of any business, a career in Tech Sales can pay extremely well and progression can be rapid!

Your role will be to keep businesses at the forefront of Technological development in their space. You will be speaking to senior decision makers to understand their needs and providing exciting and forward-thinking solutions based on your industry and product knowledge.

The types of products that you will be working with can include Hardware, Software, Services, Infrastructure and Information. All of which have their own niche providers from small, cool and quirky start-ups to long established global providers.

Do I need a computing degree to work in Technology Sales? Not necessarily. Most firms would prefer a degree with high technical content, or a business management component however many firms are open to your technical background as long as you are intelligent, hold a good degree and have a hunger to learn. In addition, these firms will be looking for you to have a genuine interest in this space and the value that you can add to the business.