International Women's Day 2021

Written by Ben Hudson on 08/03/2021

On International Women’s Day 2021 many individuals and firms will #choosetochallenge and at Black Swan Group we are encouraging the same.  While gender diversity remains a hot topic throughout recruitment processes, ultimately without further action we won’t ultimately see enough change.


The fifth and final Hampton-Alexander Review was published at the end of February to cover the 2020 year.  This review held SMART objectives, to ultimately get 33% of women on boards by 2020.  One instantly noticeable success is that there are no longer any male only boards throughout the FTSE 350 firms.


Non-executive director splits currently sit at roughly 60% male and 40% female but the ratios have been moving in the right direction throughout this period. 


However, two-thirds of board roles are still going to men throughout the sector.  We need to constantly look at ways to help make the right steps forward.  If boards do not consider current non-board members than these ratios will never truly change.


We need to look to companies to develop training paths and plans and utilise the roles of non-exec directors.  Giving exposure and training and getting individuals “Board ready”. 


While the world has made good steps forward, we need to push further to ensure the diversity and from there develop the inclusion.  Diversity alone does not drive inclusion, having the opportunity to be heard is an initial step, but having the training, coaching, mentoring and courage to speak up and be heard is still another.  Fundamentally what is required is cultural and behavioural change.  Sadly, there are still too many news articles appearing that demonstrate that many individuals are not yet embracing this shift and that wholesale change is still needed.


While Black Swan Group is proud to see steps taken forward, we encourage everyone to #choosetochallenge.

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