What is motivating your next job move?

Written by Jordan Herbert on 21/06/2016

Your next job move will be motivated by a number of factors and ensuring they are the right motivators for you will determine how happy you are in your next position. Whether it be money, time, title, travel, or progression potential, understanding what really motivates you is of the utmost importance before leaping into the job market.

Your current package

Before looking at any potential packages it’s always worth noting down all the benefits you get from your current employer.

Firstly, examine those that encompass your total remuneration:

  • Salary and bonus
  • Holiday Allowance
  • Car/Travel Allowance
  • Pension
  • Healthcare
  • Flexi-time

Then examine those benefits that fall outside of the above:

  • Commute time
  • Onsite parking
  • Office friendships and culture
  • Career progression
  • Recognition
  • Job security

When determining whether a move is right for you, it is always worth considering everything above and seeing if the current opportunities on the market can match or beat the benefits you already have. 

What is your true motivator?

A salary uptick is often the initial reason a person enters the job market. However, salary is normally just one benefit (albeit a big one) out of a number of benefits. If what you are truly seeking is career progression that is unavailable at your current firm, then moving for money is clearly unwise. However, taking a job where career progression is the only increase on your current package will not necessarily leave you better off. For example you may have to ask yourself – is it worth trading my short commute and private healthcare for greater career progression? Is greater job security worth the loss of close office friendships? Whether the answer is yes or no isn’t strictly important, it is more important that you ask these questions so you understand what is best for you.

Entering the job market is often a daunting process. However, knowing what really motivates you makes navigating the various new opportunities easier and will ultimately benefit you in the long term.

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