Why you should use a recruiter

Written by Alexandra Perry on 07/07/2016

Why should you use a recruiter?


Recruitment agencies are widely used across all industry sectors and are an invaluable tool used by employers seeking to find the best talent. From a candidate’s perspective recruiters are an excellent resource when seeking a new opportunity – they have access to opportunities not found on job boards, they have a deeper understanding of both the companies and roles they represent, and they can give you great advice with regards to your potential career path. Furthermore, this service is completely free for candidates! Below we list some of the best reasons why you should let a recruiter assist with your next job search. 

Recruiters are specialists in their area

Whether you are a senior candidate or a recent graduate, choosing a recruiter that specialises in your chosen field will benefit your job hunt. A specialist recruiter will understand the skills and qualifications you bring to the table and will be able to accurately assess where you fit in the current jobs market. Furthermore, any recruiter worth their salt will have strong relationships with relevant companies meaning when the right role goes live you’ll be the first person to hear about it.

A helping hand

Recruiters are not only there to offer you new and interesting opportunities, they are also a source of job advice and guidance. If you have specific career aspirations, your recruiter should be able to offer you insights into the best path to take in order to achieve your goals. Furthermore, if you are looking for a different career altogether, your recruiter may be able to offer you opportunities in a different field that utilise your developed skill set.

Your success is their success

Recruiters have a vested interest in your success. Alongside commission, recruiters have valuable relationships to lose by providing clients with inappropriate or unprepared candidates. Therefore, it is in the recruiter’s interest to not only ensure your suitability for a role, but also to sufficiently prepare you for interview. Recruiter’s will regularly meet you prior to an interview in order to discuss possible questions, outline company culture and give tips on dress code so that you impress your potential employers.

Your own personal negotiator

From the outset, a good recruiter will know your title preference, career aspirations and remuneration expectations. This information will be used to construct a package that appeases both you and your potential employer. Furthermore, as the recruiter knows their market they can give guidance to their client if the offer is too low, or to you if your expectations are exceeding current trends. Ultimately, getting you the best deal is in the recruiter’s interest. If you’re happy so is the client and, moreover, happy candidates tend to be repeat customers.

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