Alex Hardy

Having spent my time at University at Oxford Brookes I moved into Recruitment over 10 years ago having initially started a career as a personal trainer.

The entirety of my recruitment life has been focused on the Compliance sector having started as a researcher for a search firm in the City. This enabled me to learn how compliance works, the effect it has on a financial institutions and has led me to map out the market and learn who the key players were.  A large focus of this role was to build my network across the industry and start to make a name for myself within the market.

In 2009 I moved to a large Global Recruitment firm. Working directly for Richard Aldridge who runs Black Swans Asia PAC offices.   I continued to build my industry reputation and had great success month on month whilst with the firm. Whilst with RW I successfully made the Global ‘top biller’ list which put me in the top 2% of billers globally. 

I joined Black Swan Group at the start of 2011 and have been focussing my time on developing my knowledge across the more senior level hires globally. I have been fortunate to move up the ladder and now manage the Corporate Governance Desk in London. My clients range from Global international Banks to small Hedge Funds. I have been the Global Top Biller for the past four years and in the years and have been successful in placing: 

Global head of Markets Surveillance for a Global Bank 

Global Head of Electronic Trading compliance for a Global Investment Bank 

Global Head of Wealth Advisory compliance for a Global Wealth Manager 

Global head of Monitoring for a Global Bank 

Global Head of Fixed Income Compliance for a Global Investment Bank 

Global Head of Control Room for a Global Investment Bank 

Regional Head of MENA AML for a Global Bank 

Global Head of AML Policy for a Global Bank 

Global Head of Training compliance for a Global Investment Bank 

Global Head of Markets Conduct for a Global Investment Bank 

Head of Compliance For Algo Hedge Fund 

Global Head of Compliance For payments company


Having worked roles in the US, UAE, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Moscow and Tokyo my global market knowledge has expanded and shall continue to do so in the future.

Out of work I’m a keen golfer and into a range of fitness avtivities.

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