Jordan Herbert

I went to college in South West London and studied Economics, Business, and Politics. I got into recruitment through a love of sales; this had developed over 2 years of direct sales for the world’s largest direct sales company. During this time it was the relationships I had built and the psychology behind selling that made me realise where my strengths lie and where I wanted my career to develop.

I joined Black Swan Group on a graduate scheme in August 2015, given three months of intense and crucial financial markets training and joined the Finance desk in December as an Audit Specialist. I cover all areas of financial services including; The Insurance, Banking, and Asset Management space. The candidates I interact and build relationships with are traditionally fully qualified accountants from Top 10 practices, either looking to make a move into Industry or looking to join another leading financial services organisation.

I am a keen sportsman having been involved in boxing and martial arts since I was 7, I have had a super sports motorcycle for the last 3 years and have always had a passion for speed. You will find me spending many weekends during summer out with friends on track days or meeting days.

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